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We help your org. with software

Fists in Solidarity

Our Mission

Twintron Data Systems Inc. was founded in 2004 as an IT services company specializing in providing Software Services to the government and private industries.


Our Purpose

We provide a suite of software services including formal testing, solution architecture, software development, project management services, documentation, implementation and maintenance.​

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Dayal Nagasuru

Dayal is a visionary leader and the driving force behind the founding and successful growth of Twintron since 2004.
His leadership has earned Twintron an outstanding reputation for empowering client-focused, mission-driven teams to deliver exceptional results within established deadlines and budgets.

Dream it

Dayal brings three decades of experience as a program manager, engineer and executive leading the success of cutting-edge information technology projects that increase competitive advantage, maximize quality, and enhance business performance.

Remote Monitoring

Build it

A transformational change leader and resourceful problem solver, Dayal leverages deep domain expertise to oversee all aspects of Twintron—from strategic planning and senior administration, to ensuring operational excellence across all corporate functions.

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Grow it

Dayal’s expertise in the software and application development life cycle, from conception to execution provide Twintron hands-on leadership in the design, development, support, and improvement of system solutions to the most challenging technological obstacles.

 Dayal holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. He has published several papers and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and symposia. A few of his other achievements are displayed below

Dayal Nagasuru’s 2018 award from the NASA Research Mission Directorate for Technology Innovation

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